How to Send a Shoutout for Liking Pictures on Instagram

By David Wayne

Shoutouts can raise your followers' profiles.
i Comstock Images/Stockbyte/Getty Images

A good ratio of likes to followers can raise your Instagram profile by showing that your followers are actively engaged in your activity. Encouraging your followers to like your pictures by offering shoutouts can be tricky, as Instagram likes are anonymous. You can only be sure a follower liked your photo by requesting a video or photo of her clicking the button.

Request Proof and a Username

Ask your followers to send photo or video evidence by email or to upload it to their Instagram accounts. To send a shoutout in return, take a screenshot of a follower's Instagram profile, and then upload it to your account. On an iOS device, save a screenshot in your Camera Roll by pressing the “Power” and “Sleep” buttons at the same time. On an Android device with software version 4.0 or above, save a screenshot in your Gallery application by pressing the “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons at the same time.

Upload a Screenshot to Instagram

Open Instagram on your device, select the “Camera” tab, and then tap the “Browse” icon to choose an image from your device. The image is displayed in the grid view, and you can crop the top portion by sliding the image to the correct position. Instagram crops the image to a square when uploaded, so only the top portion remains. Tap “Next,” and then select “Done” to upload the image to your account.