How to Get the Link to Follow People on Instagram

By Tammy Columbo

Follow Instagrammers from the mobile Instagram app.
i Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images

You won’t find the link to follow other Instagrammers in the official Instagram Web application because Instagram was designed for use on mobile devices, and those responsible for the design want to keep it that way. However, you can follow people from the iPhone or the Android app. You can also find and follow people on your computer using a third-party Web application like Webstagram or Followgram. In addition, third-party mobile apps that track your followers and follower statuses enable you to follow other users right from the app.

IPhone App

The Instagram app for the iPhone enables you to find and follow other Instagrammers. Open Instagram, then tap the “Menu” icon. Tap the “Find & Invite Friends” tab to open the Find Friends screen. On the Find Friends screen, you can either tap “Facebook Friends” to follow your Facebook friends on Instagram, or you can tap “From My Contact List” to follow Instagrammers in your Contact list. A list of Instagram users opens. Tap the “Follow” icon next to each of your contacts or Facebook friends you want to follow.

Android App

The Android app operates in a similar way to the iPhone app. Open the app, then tap the “Menu” key to view the app menu. Select the “Find Friends” option to open the Find Friends screen. Choose to follow your Facebook friends, or Instagrammers from your Contact list. Just tap the “Follow” button next to each Instagrammer that you want to follow.

Third-Party Web Viewers

Third-party Instagram Web viewers, such as Followgram and Webstagram, mimic the behavior of the Instagram mobile app on your computer (see Resources). The Webstagram interface resembles the screens of the Instagram mobile app, and you follow other users the same way you would follow them on your mobile device. Followgram provides users with a vanity URL so users can share their Instagram profiles online. You can also follow those who follow you, and generate Follow Me on Instagram widgets for your sites and blogs with Followgram.

Follower Management Apps

Several mobile apps are available that enable you to manage your Instagram followers. Many of these apps provide you with a Follow button to follow users who follow you. Android apps like TrackGram, Instagram Followers Tracker and InstaFollow Lite provide the Follower button from within the app. IPhone apps like Followers + for Instagram and My Followers on Instagram allow you to follow other users and manage your followers from the app.