What Is Tumblr Radar?

By Shea Laverty

Tumblr Radar is a space on Tumblr user dashboards used to feature posts considered popular or interesting. Getting your posts into the Radar space can be a great way to increase traffic for your Tumblr blog and get some exposure for your posts. However, having the Tumblr Radar pick up your posts is neither easy nor guaranteed.

Getting to Radar

Getting a little Radar love isn't as easy as it may seem. While your content may be fresh and original, or at the very least interesting, it won't be guaranteed a spot. Radar spots are largely influenced by the amount of attention a post is getting, so maximizing your post's appeal is the best way to secure a spot. Efficient use of tags to maximize exposure and re-posting to other social media is a good way to maximize exposure and increase your chances of getting on the Radar. For a little extra boost, use the "#RadarPlz" tag to attract the attention of Tumblrbot, Tumblr Radar's content search algorithm. You can also pay to promote your post with followers of your blog through Pinning or Highlighting. These features prominently display your post on followers' dashboards.

Radar Post Benefits

Being featured in the Radar can significantly increase the amount of traffic your Tumblr blog receives. Every Tumblr user sees Radar posts in his dashboard, increasing your post's exposure and potential views. For business Tumblrs, this can potentially lead to increased sales, promotional awareness or other positive marketing benefits. For artistic or personal blogs, the increased exposure can help generate buzz about your work or generate better views.

Content Considerations

While Tumblr does allow the posting of sexual and adult content on blogs flagged "Not Safe for Work," it's extremely unlikely that such content will make it to the Radar. Radar posts reach the entire Tumblr community, including those who have configured their Tumblr to not display blogs or posts flagged as NSFW. As such, Radar content needs to be safe for viewing for the entire community. Content that violates Tumblr's content policy will also not be promoted to Radar, and attempts to get such content on the Radar will likely result in the blog being banned.

Pitfalls of Attempting Radar Posts

The quest for Tumblr Radar glory is not without perils, primarily due to the methods used to gain attention. Promotionally pinned posts only disappear from followers' dashboards if the followers actively remove them. This may alienate some of your followers as a "spammy" or intrusive demand for their attention, which may negatively affect views. Should post promotion prove ineffective in producing a Radar listing, your investment may also be wasted. Using the "#RadarPlz" tag can also be a double-edged sword -- while it may draw Tumblrbot's attention, overuse may lead to your posts being overlooked. Overuse of this tag may also damage goodwill with your followers, as it seems a somewhat desperate plea for attention instead of letting your work speak for itself.