How to Remove the Header Space on Tumblr

By Tammy Columbo

Modify your theme header using the Customize menu or by editing the HTML code.
i Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images

You can remove most of the header space in your Tumblr theme by removing the header image. The Tumblr Redux theme, as well as most themes available from Tumblr Theme Garden, publish the header on top of the page title and content for the main page. Delete the header image from the Customize panel to align the page title to the top of the page. You can also remove most of the the header section by deleting the Header line from the theme's HTML code.

Open your Tumblr dashboard, then click the arrow next to the name of your primary blog to open the blog list. Click the link for the blog to edit. The selected blog is loaded into the dashboard.

Click the “Customize” tab to open the theme editor.

Click the “Clear” button in the Header field in the Customize menu. The header image is removed from the code. To remove the Header code from the HTML page, click “Edit HTML” to open the theme editor, then locate and delete the line of code below:

<meta name="image:Header" content="" />

Click “Update Preview” to preview the code changes in the theme editor.

Click “Save,” then close the editor.


Back up your code before using the editor to modify the theme just in case you need to restore the original theme. Select all code in the editor, then press “Ctrl-C” to copy the code to your clipboard. Open a blank text page, then press “Ctrl-V” to paste the code.


Note that when you delete the Header command from the HTML code, the page title no longer displays at the top of the page.