How to Get Unlimited Loading Posts for a Tumblr Theme

By Randall Blackburn

Configure Endless Scrolling to load unlimited posts in your Tumblr dashboard.
i Thinkstock Images/Stockbyte/Getty Images

You can configure your Tumblr dashboards to automatically load more posts when you reach the bottom of the page. This feature is known as “Endless Scrolling.” You can enable this feature for each of your blogs in each blog’s Preferences menu. When this feature is disabled, the blog is separated into pages. The “Next Page” and “Previous Page” links appear at the bottom of the tenth post on each page where appropriate.

Open Tumblr and log in to your dashboard.

Click the arrow next to the name of your primary blog to show a list of all of your blogs. Click the name of the blog to edit from the list. The dashboard refreshes to display the content for the selected blog.

Click the gear icon in the top navigation menu to open the Preferences page.

Click the “Dashboard” tab in the right sidebar to open the blog’s Dashboard Preferences page.

Slide the “Enable Endless Scrolling” toggle to the “On" position to enable the feature. The “Saved” button briefly appears, indicating the setting has been saved.


Though the default Redux theme displays 10 posts per page when Endless Scrolling is disabled, you can change the number of posts in the Customize menu. Open the blog to modify in your dashboard, then click the “Customize” option in the right sidebar. Click “Advanced Options,” then click the “Posts Per Page” drop-down box. Click the number of posts to display, then save the settings.


Note that some themes, including the default Tumblr Redux theme, will not display more than 10 posts per page, regardless of the Posts Per Page setting.