How to Get the Play Button on Tumblr

by Randall Blackburn
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You can publish a Tumblr video or audio post to display multimedia in the standard Tumblr player for your media. Videos display in the Tumblr video player, and music streams are served in the Tumblr music player. By default, the Tumblr player adds a Play button to each multimedia post. However, you can also add an audio player to your blog theme to play music for followers and visitors to your page. These embedded audio players, like Hypster, Grooveshark, Streampad and SCM Player and others provide users with a Play button to control the media stream.

Media Post

Log in to your Tumblr dashboard, then click the new post icon for the type of post you want to create. Click “Audio” to open a New Audio Post form, or click “Video” to open a New Video Post form.

Drag and drop audio or video files, depending on the post type you selected, into the center of the post form to upload files. You can also paste embedded sharing URL for a streaming song, a playlist or a hosted video into the respective post form. Click the “External URL” to open the URL field in the New Audio Post form. Simply paste the embedded code or URL in the top of the New Video Post form to publish a hosted video in your post.

Click the “Post” option to publish the media. The media displays in the default Tumblr player in your post. Users can click the “Play” button to play the media.

Embed an Audio Player

Open one of the supported audio streaming sites in a browser, then generate the player widget code for your blog according to the site instructions (see Resources).

Copy the code widget to your clipboard by selecting the code, then pressing “Ctrl-C.” You can also click the “Copy” button, if one is available in the widget code page for the streaming service.

Open Tumblr and log in to your dashboard. Click the arrow next to your primary blog entry, then click the blog that will contain the music player to open the blog in the dashboard.

Click “Customize” in the right sidebar menu to open the theme in Edit mode.

Click the “Edit HTML” link in the Customize panel to open the Tumblr editor.

Right-click in the location where the widget code will be copied, then click “Paste” from the context menu. Instructions for where to embed widgets in the Tumblr theme code vary. Follow the instructions provided on the site for the widget you selected.

Click “Update Preview” to test the player in the Preview pane.

Click “Save” to save the modified theme.


You can upload up to five total minutes of video per day to Tumblr. Each uploaded video file must be 100MB or smaller in size or the upload will fail.


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