How to Watch Dailymotion Videos on an HTC EVO

by David Wayne
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The HTC Evo supports Android 4.0 and comes with the HTC Sense software bundle, including a Web browser and several streaming video applications. While you can visit Dailymotion in the Web browser, site updates may cause intermittent streaming issues. Instead, download the Dailymotion application from the Google Play Store.

Dailymotion's Android Layout

The Evo 3D comes with Android 2.3 but supports version 4.0 through an over-the-air update, and the newer Evo 4G comes with Android 4.0. If your phone has version 2.3, you can still install the Dailymotion application, but its simpler interface doesn't support tabbed windows, overflow settings or window fragments.

Playing Full-Screen Videos

After installing the program and signing in to your account, your playlists and favorites are synced with your other devices. Select a video on the main screen or tap the "Search" box to search for a video. Choosing a video from the main menu or search results plays the video in a new window. In portrait mode, the screen displays video information, comments and a smaller video window, while in landscape mode the player takes up the full screen. Dailymotion for Android supports sharing videos on Facebook and Twitter and includes an offline mode for watching videos when you don't have a network connection.


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