Does a Grooveshark URL Work on Tumblr?

by Tammy Columbo

While you can embed the URL to a Grooveshark song or playlist on Tumblr, you must embed the Grooveshark player widget along with the URL. Doing so enables you to play the Grooveshark music on your blog. You can either embed the Grooveshark player widget in your blog’s theme, or create a text post and publish the Grooveshark player widget in the post.

Generate Grooveshark Widget

Open the Grooveshark site in a browser (see Resources), and then search for the song or playlist to publish in your Tumblr post.

Click the “Share Song” icon next to a single song, or click the “Share” button in the playlist page to share a playlist. Click “More,” and then click “Embed.” The code for the embedded widget displays in a text box.

Click the “Copy to Clipboard” button to copy the code to your clipboard.

Player in Post

Open a new browser tab, and then log in to your Tumblr blog.

Click the “Aa Text” icon to open the New Text Post form.

Click the “<html>" link to change to code view.

Right-click inside the code box and click “Paste” to paste the widget code to the post.

Click the “<html>” link to enable Text view, preview the player in the post, and then click “Post” to publish the Grooveshark player.

Player in Theme

Log in to the Tumblr dashboard, click the arrow next to the name of your primary blog to open a pop-up list of your blogs, and then click the name of the blog to edit. The selected blog opens in the dashboard.

Click the “Customize” tab to open the blog theme in Customize mode.

Click the “Edit HTML” link in the Customize menu to open the HTML editor.

Insert the Grooveshark player widget code into the desired location in your theme code.

Click “Update Preview” to view the player in the Preview pane, click “Save” to save your changes, and then close the Customize menu.

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