How to Make Blockquotes on Tumblr

By Alan Sembera

Use indentations to indicate quotes from other sources.
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Use block quotes in Tumblr to indent part of your blog post and set it off from the rest of the text. In the Tumblr world, block quotes usually indicate you're quoting another person's post, and Tumblr adds them automatically whenever you reblog a post. Tumblr's formatting tools make it easy to add a single level of block quotes. You can also add multi-level block posts by editing your post in HTML mode.

Easy Block Quotes

Go to your Tumblr dashboard and begin a new post. You can use block quotes in almost any type of post, including text, photo and video posts.

Type your text into the main part of the posting window. If you are making a photo or video post, type the text in the caption or description area.

Highlight the text you want to make into a block quote, and then click the Block Quote icon resembling a vertical line with an arrow. Tumblr indents the text to the right.

Remove text from the block quote by highlighting the text and clicking the same icon.

Multi-Level Block Quotes

Go to your Tumblr dashboard and begin a new post.

Create your first-level block quotes using the Block Quote icon on the editing toolbar.

Click the "HTML" button when you are ready to insert a second level of block quotes. Tumblr displays the HTML code for your text -- you'll notice the block quotes you already created are between the <blockquote> and </blockquote> tags.

Add another pair of <blockquote> </blockquote> tags around the part of the quote you want to indent to the second level. The second set of tags must be nested within the first set in order to achieve the new level of indentation.

Add additional <blockquote> </blockquote> tags around parts of the quote to create even more levels of indentation, making sure the tags are nested between the previous pair.