How to Properly Shut Down a Chromebook

By Jane Williams

Power down your Chromebook with a press of the power button.
i George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

The Chromebook runs Google's proprietary operating system and powers all applications through the Chrome Web browser. Because this notebook doesn't run a typical operating system such as Windows, there's no multi-step procedure to shut down the machine.

Hold the Button

On Windows-based computers, holding the power button is a last-ditch effort to force your machine to shut down. But on Chromebooks, it's the only way to fully power down your system. Press and hold the power button located in the upper right corner of the keyboard for three to five seconds to power down. Press the key again to power on again.

Automatic Power On

In most cases, your Chromebook will turn on when you open the display lid. Since there are no power- and memory-intensive programs installed, the notebook should return to fully functioning order in as little as 10 seconds.