How to Center a Tumblr Photo

By Randall Blackburn

Upload photos to Tumblr text and photo posts.
i Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images

You can upload photos to Tumblr photo posts and text posts. You can also upload a photo as your blog avatar and your blog header. The avatar and header photos are automatically centered in the theme when you upload the images. When you upload a single image to a photo post, the image is automatically centered. However, when you upload a photo to a text post, the image is aligned with the left margin of the post form in the default Tumblr theme, and this cannot be changed. You can, however, block quote the image to indent the photo in the text post form.

Open Tumblr and log in to your dashboard.

Click the “Aa” icon in the top toolbar to open a New Text Post form.

Type a title for the post, if desired.

Click the “Camera” icon to open a file selector. Browse to the photo to upload, click the photo file, then click “Open.” The file uploads to the text post form.

Click in front of the image in the New Text Post form, then the “Quote” icon in the top toolbar. The image indents, and the block quote indicator appears on the left of the photo.

Click the “Post” icon to publish the post.


You can upload as many as 10 images in one photo post. However, all image files together cannot exceed 10MB in size. Drag and drop multiple images in a photo post to arrange the photos.

Manually insert the block quote HTML code into the post, if you prefer. Click the “<html>” icon in the top toolbar in the New Text Post form, then type “<blockquote>" in front of the code for the image. Type "</blockquote>" after the end tag for the image.


You can upload animated GIF images to your photo posts. However, animated GIFs cannot exceed a file size of one MB.

If you enter HTML code to center the image in a text post, the code is automatically stripped out when the post is saved.