How to Add a MetaTag to a Tumblr Blog

By Tammy Columbo

Add meta tags to your Tumblr blog with the HTML editor.
i Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images

You can use meta tags describe the content in your Tumblr blog. Add meta tags that list keywords, content descriptions, the blog author and other attributes of your blog. You can specify meta tags in any Tumblr theme, including the default theme installed when you first provision the blog. Add and edit meta tags by directly accessing your Tumblr theme code. Open the theme code in Customize mode, then launch the HTML code editor to insert, remove or modify meta tags for your blog.

Open Tumblr and log in to your dashboard.

Click the arrow next to the name of your primary blog to view a list of all your blogs.

Click the name of the blog to edit to load the blog in the dashboard, click the “Customize” tab, then click the “Edit HTML” link in the Customize menu in the left sidebar.

Scroll to the first instance of a meta tag. Meta tags are listed inside the <head> element, and all Tumblr themes contain at least one meta tag.

Click under the existing meta tag, then type a new meta tag line to add a meta tag. You can also edit the existing tags.

Click “Update Preview” to view the changes in the Preview pane.

Click “Save” to save the HTML and exit the editor, then click “Exit” to close the Customize tool and return to your dashboard.