How to Put RSS Feeds Into Tumblr Blogs

By Ashley Poland

Automation allows businesses to maintain several social networks effortlessly.
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Tumblr removed the native ability to import RSS feeds in late 2011. For a while the user-managed app TumblRSS/RSSImportr filled the gap, but it discontinued in 2012 when the developer could no longer maintain it. As of January 2014, two major tools still have the ability to send RSS feed content to a Tumblr blog: If This Then That (IFTTT), and IFTTT is free and offers automation support for dozens of websites, while has a free account option with specific limitations.


Create an account on IFTTT if you do not have one. Once you have logged in to your new account, click the "Create" button to start your own "recipe," the vernacular used on IFTTT to refer to content automation setups.

Click "this" and select "Feed" as the trigger. Choose either "New Feed Item" to post an entry to Tumblr every time the feed updates, or "New Feed Item Matches" if you want posts with only specific content imported to Tumblr.

Enter the feed URL in the next section. If you are importing only certain items, you will enter what keyword or phrase triggers the recipe at this step. Click "Create Trigger."

Click "That" and select "Tumblr" as the Action Channel. You will be prompted to link IFTTT to your Tumblr account. Once that is done, choose the type of Tumblr post you want to create. For blog posts and the like, a Link post is the easiest way to redirect users to the new content.

Enter specific variables for your new posts. If you chose a Link post, you will have the option to fill in the title of the post, the URL, the description, which tags to use and how the post should publish. Click the plus sign in each text box to see the various variable options.

Click "Create Action." On the final page, click "Create Recipe" to finalize your recipe. Once the recipe is created, new feed content will automatically create a new post on your Tumblr blog.

Create an account on if you do not already have one; a free account allows you to import up to five feeds to three social networks. Log in once your account is created.

Enter your feed URL in the text box under Step 1. Choose to post either the most recent feed item immediately, to begin posting with the next feed item or to post all feed items to Tumblr immediately.

Click the "Tumblr" icon to activate Tumblr on and allow the app access to your Tumblr account. Choose which of your Tumblr blogs to update with your feed content, and click "Select." This saves the route. Once the route is saved, content will be posted from your feed to your Tumblr blog.


This article refers to services and options available as of January 2014. These services may change, stop working or shut down over time.