Does Tumblr Notify People When You Follow Them?

By C. Taylor

Following people on Tumblr displays their blog updates on your account dashboard. Not only does this feature make it convenient to keep tabs on several blogs simultaneously, but it can also build a social network between yourself and the blog owners. This network can build your blog's popularity by encouraging those you follow to read, repost and comment on your own posts.


Tumblr alerts blog owners when you follow them by placing notices on their dashboards. The notice includes your username, a link to your blog and a Follow button that the blog owners can use to reciprocate. If the blog owners use Tumblr's default settings, they also receive an email notification and possibly a text message. However, the users have the option to disable these supplemental notifications. If the blog owners fail to see any of these notifications, they can also click "Followers" on the dashboard to see a full list of followers, including your username.