Why Does It Say Untitled on Tumblr?

By Laurel Storm

You've signed up for Tumblr, you've followed some blogs you love, you may even have made a few posts -- everything is almost perfect. It's just that when you go to your blog's main page, the very first thing you see, right at the top, is "Untitled." Fixing that issue only takes a few seconds, but you have to know where to look.

Renaming Your Blog

Two different methods exist to rename your blog. Both are equally valid and have the same result. The first way is through the theme customization screen, reached by clicking "Customize" on your dashboard. This screen shows a preview of your blog's current theme, along with various theme options. Select the word "Untitled" in the Title field, replace it with whatever you'd like your blog title to be, click "Save" and then click "Exit." Alternatively, click the "Settings" icon at the top of your dashboard and then click either the word "Untitled" or the "Edit" button by it to enter edit mode. Replace the word "Untitled" with whatever you'd like your blog title to be and then click "Save."