How Can People Ask You Stuff on Tumblr?

By Kevin Lee

Let your Tumblr visitors provide feedback by asking questions.
i Marili Forastieri/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Many successful blogs give people the ability to interact with the blog owner by commenting. Another way to engage blog visitors is to invite them to ask you stuff. Other Tumblr members or anonymous visitors can leave questions you can answer publicly or privately. To allow this, you'll need to make your question box visible because Tumblr doesn't display it by default.

Activate Your Question Box

If you click the gear icon on your Tumblr dashboard followed by the blog you want to update, you'll see an "Ask" section. Put a check mark in that section's "Let People Ask Questions" check box. In the "Ask Page Title" text box, type the sentence or phrase you want to display for the Ask Page's title. The text you type also appears on the button blog visitors see on the Ask page. If you'd like to give anyone the ability to ask questions, put a check mark in the "Allow Anonymous Questions" check box. Leave this check box empty, and only Tumblr members can ask you questions.

Ask Yourself a Question

After you activate your question box, you can test it to ensure that it works correctly. If you view your blog the way other people see it, you'll find a new button that contains the text you typed in the Ask Page Title text box. Click that button and a pop-up text box appears. Type a question in the text box and click "Ask" to submit your question. You'll see a Thank You message along with acknowledgement that Tumblr received your question.

View Your Questions

Visit your Dashboard, click the Envelope icon, and you can view questions people have asked. Each question displays in a separate box that contains the username of the person who asked the question. If the username is Anonymous, an anonymous visitor left the question. If you see another username, that question came from a Tumblr member. Click the Answer icon below a question and you can type your answer in a text box. When you respond to an anonymous visitor, Tumblr posts the answer on your blog as a blog post. Click the Answer icon below a question a Tumblr member submitted, and you'll see an "Answer Privately" button. You can click that if you'd like to send the member a private answer.

Reasons to Use This Feature

Soliciting questions can help you understand your audience and learn what they like. For instance, you might ask, "Ask me about my new blog layout" and get advice from your visitors. Some people may even leave you helpful links and valuable information you can use on your blog. Posing an intriguing statement, such as "Ask about my free giveaway" can also jump start your blogging efforts when you think you have nothing to say. Pay attention to some of your favorite blogs, and you may see good examples of how they end their blogs with statements that invite visitors to ask questions.