How to Put Spaces in a Tumblr Description

By C. Taylor

Adding text to the Customize page's Description field integrates the chosen text into your Tumblr theme, just below the title. However, unlike text posts, Tumblr fails to provide rich-text editing features for formatting this text. Instead, the field relies on HTML code to properly display the description. HTML limits you to a single space between any two characters; you are welcome to add more, but only one space appears in your theme. To add multiple spaces, you need HTML code.

Adding Multiple Spaces

Tumblr recognizes the nonbreaking space HTML code when you enter it in the Description field. This tiny snippet of code takes the form "&nbsp." Stringing multiple occurrences of this code adds multiple spaces, such as "This is&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspfive spaces" to add five spaces between "is" and "five." Although integrating this code may look ugly in the Description field, it appears properly on your blog. When you finish entering the spaces, click "Save" to save your description.