How to Add an Archive Link to Your Tumblr

By C. Taylor

i Andrew Burton/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Most Tumblr themes already have an Archive link that directs readers to older posts. However, if your theme doesn't have this useful element, you can customize the theme to add a link that points to your Archive without having to know any code. This procedure relies on Tumblr's "Add a Page" feature by employing a Standard Layout link.

Log in to your Tumblr dashboard, and then select the blog you want to customize. If you only have one blog, it is loaded by default.

Click "Customize" to enable customization of your current theme.

Click "+ Add a Page" in the left panel. By default, "Standard Layout" is selected at the top of the pop-up window. Keep this setting.

Add "archive" after the forward slash in the URL -- for example, "" (without quotes). The part before the forward slash is already added.

Enter anything in the body of the page. Because this link points to an existing page, the page title and body aren't displayed, so don't waste time creating anything elaborate. However, you must have something in the body section.

Click "Show a Link to This Page," and then enter the linking text, such as "Archive." When you click this link, the upper right toggle switch turns blue, indicating the link is active.

Click "Save," and then select "Exit."

Refresh your blog to see the new link, which appears in the navigation area of the customized theme. The new link could take a few minutes to appear.