How to Upload an Audio Post on Tumblr

By Lauren Miller

If you are a musician, you can share your recordings as audio posts on Tumblr.
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The microblogging service Tumblr provides an easy way to upload multimedia files including audio recordings. You can share music, speeches, comedy routines, interviews and other types of audio content with ease. Tumblr’s tools also enable you to share your audio files uploaded to SoundCloud.

Uploading Audio Directly to Tumblr from Your Computer

Log in to your Tumblr account, then click the “Audio” icon from the selection of post types on your dashboard. You can upload MP3 files that are 10MB or smaller. Click “Upload.” Click “Choose file” to navigate to the location of the MP3 on your computer. Click “Open” when you find the file.

Type a description in the field provided to describe the audio. Optionally, add tags that describe the content of the file. These tags are keywords that also help other Tumblr users find your content when they search the service.

Check the box next to the statement that indicates you agree to Tumblr’s terms of service. You can upload only content that you own or have permission to upload in order to avoid copyright violations. Click “Post.” You have the choice to publish the audio right away, add it to a queue, publish at a certain time, save it as a draft or make it private.

Adding Files From SoundCloud

Navigate to the SoundCloud website. SoundCloud is an audio file sharing service used by musicians, journalists, comedians, podcasters and anyone who wants to share audio content online. It has a free and premium service. Tumblr and SoundCloud have a partnership that enables Tumblr bloggers to embed SoundCloud files into audio posts.

Click “Upload.” You have two options: “Choose files” and “Rec.” If you select “Choose files,” you can upload MP3, MP2, ACC, FLACC, OFF, WAVE and AIFF files to SoundCloud. A dialog displays so you can find and select the file you want to upload from your computer.

Select the “Rec” button if you want to record directly from your computer and instantly create an audio file to share. When you finish recording, select “Upload your recording.”

Select the settings for the audio file you uploaded or just created. You can allow others to download your file, create a widget to embed the file on a website and allow the file to be played on mobile devices via SoundCloud mobile apps. Select the “Save” button.

Navigate to the Tumblr website and log in. Click the “Audio” icon. Select “Search” from the audio options. Tumblr has a built-in search engine for SoundCloud files.

Type your SoundCloud username or any other keyword to quickly find your audio files. When you find your file, select it. You can add a description to the file as well as keywords. Tumblr will automatically include a built-in audio player for your SoundCloud audio posts.

Click “Post.” Your SoundCloud file will now be included on your Tumblr page. The embedded player has a counter to show you how many times visitors to your Tumblr microblog played the file.


Tumblr provides free apps for iOS, Android and Windows devices, but you cannot upload audio from these apps. However, you can add a link to an audio file that you have uploaded elsewhere on the Web. Or you can use your smartphone or tablet browser to navigate to the Tumblr website and upload an audio file following the same steps as if you were on your desktop or laptop.