How to Make Music Automatic on Tumblr

by David Weedmark
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With a music player embedded in your Tumblr blog, you can have your favorite songs start playing automatically as soon as a visitor lands on your page. To do this, all you need is a free player widget from a music streaming website and a playlist you create yourself. If a visitor doesn't want to hear your music when it starts playing, she can turn it off with the built-in controls on the player.

Selecting a Music Service

There are many places to get music online, but not all of them give you the ability to create playlist widgets suitable for pasting into a website like tumblr. Before going through the process of creating an account and making a playlist, make sure the service you pick has this ability. Hypster and Steampad both give you an option for creating a playlist with autoplay. Grooveshark gives you a widget code, which you can tweak yourself to enable autoplay.

Creating a Playlist

After creating a free account, select the songs that you want to play when visitors arrive at your blog and add them to a playlist. Do this by clicking the "Search" or "Playlist" link after logging in. Available songs may vary from site to site and from week to week. If a song becomes unavailable after you've created your playlist, the player will just skip it. It's important to check on your playlist from time to time to make sure most of your songs are still available, especially if you have a short playlist.

Getting the Widget

After selecting the music you want to play on your blog, look for the "Player" link on the website. From here, you can get the code for your player by looking for the "Embed" or "Widget" link. You can usually change the color scheme and size of the widget, or select from pre-made themes so the player fits into your blog's theme. Once you highlight the widget's code, paste it into Tumblr by clicking the "Customize Theme" link on your dashboard, and then selecting "Edit HTML." Paste the code wherever you wish, and then click the "Save" button.

Changing the Widget Code

If you are using Grooveshark, an autoplay or autostart option isn't available when you create a widget. However, Grooveshark does encourage you to make the widget play music automatically by changing two numbers in the code. After you paste the code into your Tumblr blog, look for "&p=0" in the code, which appears twice. Change this to "&p=1" in both cases to turn on autoplay. The zero means autoplay is off and the one means it is on.


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