Adding an MP3 to Tumblr

By Andrea Ruiz

You must convert other file formats to MP3 before uploading them to Tumblr.
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Tumblr's blogging platform enables you to tailor each of your posts according to the type of content and media it contains. When you create an audio post, the site embeds the MP3 file into your post so that your visitors can click "Play" to stream the file. Tumblr generates a music player for the file in your post, including information about the track and a thumbnail of its album art. You can add an MP3 file to a Tumblr post either directly from your hard drive or from a location on an external website.

Log in to your Tumblr account and select from the drop-down list on your dashboard the blog to which you want to post your MP3.

Click the "Audio" icon from the post types, and then select the "Upload" tab.

Click "Choose File" to open a pop-up window displaying the contents of your hard drive, and then locate the MP3 file you wish to upload to your blog. Double-click the file to upload it.

Edit the audio file's track name, artist name and album as desired. If Tumblr pre-populated these fields with the track information, you can backspace over the existing text to type new information.

Click "Select Album Art" to locate the image file for the album art on your hard drive. Double-click the image file to upload. If Tumblr pre-populated the album art and you'd like to change it, hover your cursor over the pre-populated image, and then click the "X" to delete it from your post.

Type a description in the post-editing form, if desired, and format the text using the formatting tools in the form's menu. Also add tags to the post, such as the musical genre, artist name and other information, to help other Tumblr users discover your content.

Check the box signifying that you have permission to post the MP3 on Tumblr according to the site's terms of service. Then, click the "Post" button to publish the audio file on your blog.


You can also add an MP3 to your Tumblr post if it's hosted on a third-part Web server. Click the "External" tab in the posting form instead of "Upload," and then paste the URL to the file.


Your audio file must be in MP3 format and no larger than 10MB in file size.

You must have legal copyright or permission from the copyright owner to upload any media file to Tumblr. Per its terms of service, Tumblr may suspend accounts that have repeatedly violated the terms of service covering copyright infringement. If you'd like to post a song for which you don't have permission from the copyright owner, you can instead use Tumblr's embedded music service by selecting "Search" in the audio post form and typing the artist and song title in the search field. Select the available service from the third-party search results to embed the audio file into your post legally.