Can the LG Optimus Android Video Chat?

by David Wayne
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The LG Optimus series of Android devices is a line of affordable smartphones and tablets with large screens and fast processors. While most Optimus phones only have rear cameras, some, such as Exceed and Black, have front cameras too, making them ideal for video chat. Models without front cameras also support video chat software, although using it isn't as convenient.

Compatibility With Android 2.3 and Up

All Optimus models after the first one support at least Android 2.3, which makes them compatible with Google Hangouts. This program may be part of the software bundle included with your phone, but if not, download it for free from the Google Play Store on your device. Hangouts requires a Google+ account and supports video calls with up to nine contacts, although to chat with them you must invite them to join Google+. To call a contact, type her name in the search bar, select her from the search results and tap the “Camera” icon. If your phone lacks a front camera, you must stand in front of a mirror to record yourself while viewing the screen.

The Original LG Optimus

The first Optimus only supports Android 2.1, so you must download a program such as Tango, Qik or FriendCaller (links in Resources). These programs work essentially the same as Hangouts, and like the native Google program, both parties must have the same software. Since the original Optimus lacks a front camera, you must stand in front of a mirror, hold your phone backwards or ask a friend to record you while talking. Video calls with each of these applications are free and support group calls.


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