How to Disable Emails on Tumblr

By Alan Sembera

Turn off notifications to keep your inbox uncluttered.
i Photodisc/Photodisc/Getty Images

Tumblr's email notifications can be helpful at first, but they can pile up quickly after your blog gets established. By default, Tumblr emails you every time you get a new follower, or when someone replies to a post, asks a question or sends a message. You can disable each type of notification separately in your Tumblr notification setting; you can also disable general announcements from Tumblr, and prevent people from sharing posts to your email address.

Click the gear icon on your Tumblr dashboard to access your account settings.

Select the "Email" tab to view your email notification preferences.

Clear the check boxes next to "New Followers," "New Replies" and "New Message" to disable automatic email notifications for these events. If you have secondary blogs, you must disable notifications for each blog separately in the appropriate row.

Clear the check box next to "Keep Me Updated With New Stuff From Tumblr" to stop getting news announcements and achievement updates from Tumblr.

Clear the check box next to "Allow People to Send Me Posts via Email" to prevent other Tumblr users from sharing posts to your email address.

Click "Save" to save the notification settings.