Can Someone See Your Call Log From Google?

By Melly Parker

Google Voice provides you with a phone number you can use to send texts and make calls from your Google account. The log of all the calls and texts you make is stored on your Google Voice page, and both texts and voice mail notifications appear in your inbox. Google Voice can also be used on connected devices like smartphones and tablets or with third-party calling apps.

Viewing Call Logs

A person with access to your Google account will be able to view your call logs, texts and voice mails. If you delete the call log, no one will be able to see it when signing into your account, but the information is still stored on Google's servers for 90 days and may be able to be retrieved by staff at Google. Deleting the call log doesn't remove the voice mail notifications in your email inbox. Those must be removed separately.

If a phone call was billable, it will still be available to view on your account after you've deleted your log because of the charges associated with it.

If you use Google Voice with a third-party application, check the privacy policy of that application to see how your call log is stored, deleted or shared by that app.