Will Users Be Notified When They Are Unblocked on Instagram?

By Todd Bowerman

If you feel as though an Instagram user is harassing you or you don't want to share your images with a particular person, you're free to block that user from seeing your posts. When and if the situation changes and you're ready to share your posts again, you can easily unblock the user. Once unblocked, a user has the same privileges as any other Instagram user and can freely comment on or “like” your posts.

Blocking Users

It is not possible to block users on Instagram unless you use the Instagram application on your smartphone or tablet. The Web-based version of the service does not allow for blocking or unblocking. Open the Instagram app and navigate to the user you wish to block. Touch the user options button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Select “Block User” to initiate the block.

Removing the Block

Like blocking, unblocking is only available through the Instagram application. Open the app and navigate to the user you wish to unblock. Touch the user options button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. When a user is blocked, the “block” option changes to “unblock.” Touch “Unblock user” to remove the block.

Notifications to Users

There is no penalty for blocking a user or for being blocked by somebody else. Because there is no negative consequence to receiving a block, Instagram does not inform users that they have been blocked, nor does it inform users that a block has been lifted. You are free to block and unblock users however you desire without worrying about whether those users will receive a notification or email.

Reporting Inappropriate Content

Instagram does not allow the posting of self-harm images, nudity, hate speech or duplications of intellectual property. The user options screen offers a “Report inappropriate” option; this option should be engaged when the content on a user's account violates the Instagram terms of service. Unlike being blocked, posting inappropriate content can lead to an Instagram user being suspended or banned from the service, depending on the findings of the Instagram investigative team.