How to Change the Appearance and Color of Yahoo Inbox Items

By Dan Hayes

Liven up your boring, gray mailbox.
i Creatas/Creatas/Getty Images

In 2013 Yahoo introduced an extensive overhaul to Yahoo Mail, and with it the ability for users to customize the appearance and color scheme of their inboxes. The introduction of themes was the major addition as the background options included not only solid colors but also photographs. No one's inbox has to be boring anymore.

Finding the Right Theme

The main way to change Yahoo Mail's appearance is by setting a theme. To choose a new theme, go to your inbox and hover the mouse over the gear icon in the upper right corner, then click "Themes." You'll get a pop-up window showing several photographic themes, but if you prefer solid color ones you can find them by scrolling down to the bottom. Your new theme will not only change the background but also the appearance of buttons and icons.

Changing Text Density

Another way you can change Mail's appearance is by adjusting how text displays. By hovering your mouse over the gear icon again, you can choose "Settings" and then "Viewing email" from the resulting pop-up window where you will see a number of options. One is called "Message list density," allowing you to set how densely or loosely the subject lines are packed on screen.