Can an Android Talk to an iPod Touch With FaceTime?

By David Wayne

Android supports many free FaceTime alternatives.
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FaceTime is a video conference program integrated into Apple's iOS, but since it isn't compatible with Android, you can't use it to call an Android user from an iPod Touch. Instead, you can download a program compatible with both devices and make free video calls across platforms.

FaceTime Alternatives for Android

Download a program such as Skype, Tango or Oovoo for Android and iOS (links in Resources). After launching the program for the first time, you're prompted to create an account. Enter your name and email address in the text fields and tap “Sign In.” When you and your contact both have accounts set up for the same service, you can search for each other by tapping “Friends” or “Contacts” from the main window, depending on the program you use. Add your friend to your contact list by selecting her from the search results, then place a call by tapping her name in your contact list. Turn the call into a video conference by tapping the “Camera” icon while talking.

Long-Lasting, High-Quality Calls

Since video calls can use more power than voice calls, ensure that your battery is charged before starting the call. A Wi-Fi connection can improve your call's quality since it's considerably faster than 3G. Even though video calls are toll-free between contacts with the same software, a slower 3G connection can quickly use up your monthly data allotment.