How Do You Hide a Link Behind a Word on Tumblr?

By Alan Sembera

Use Tumblr's editing tools to hide links in posts.
i Mario Tama/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Tumblr's built-in linking tool makes it easy to show a word instead of a URL string when adding a link inside one of your posts. You can also convert words from your sidebar into links by adding a simple anchor tag to your sidebar's HTML code. With these tools, you can link to other parts of your blog or to an outside Web page such as your Facebook or Twitter profile.

Links in a Post

Start a new post from your Tumblr dashboard. It can be almost any type of post, such as a text post, a photo post or a music post.

Write your post as you would normally. On a music or photo post, enter the description or caption.

Highlight the word or words you want to convert into a link, and then click the link icon in the editing toolbar. The icon looks like two chain links.

Enter the Web address of the target page in the Link URL field.

Check the box next to "Open Link in a New Window" to prevent people from leaving your Tumblr post when they click the link.

Click "Insert Link" to convert the text into a link.

Links on Your Sidebar

Click the "Customize" tab on your dashboard to access the HTML code for your sidebar.

Find the word in the Description field that you want to convert into a link, or type in a new word.

Add an HTML anchor tag around the word in the following manner:

<a href="URL">Text</a>

Replace "URL" with the target URL (keep the quotes), and replace "Text" with the word you want to change into a link.


Here's an example of how a to convert the word "Home" into a home link:

<a href="http://username.">Home</a>

If you're creating a link in your sidebar, and you want the link to open in a new window, add a target attribute to your code in the following manner:

<a href="URL" target="_blank">Text</a>