How to Check Someone's Tumblr Likes

By Alan Sembera

i BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images

Checking someone's likes on Tumblr can tell you a lot about that person's interests and may even help you discover posts and photos you'll find interesting, too. When you check the likes, Tumblr displays the actual posts liked by the other person, not just a list like on some other websites. Checking someone's likes won't work, however, if the other person made his likes private.

Go to the person's Tumblr page.

Copy the person's Tumblr username from the beginning of the page URL. For example, if the URL in your browser address bar is "," copy the username "johnsmith".

Delete the URL in your address bar and replace it with "" without the quotes. Replace "username" with the person's username.

Press "Enter" to view the person's liked posts. If you get a "Request Denied" message, it means the other person has made his likes private.


You can make your own Tumblr likes private (or change them back to public) by clicking the gear icon on your dashboard, selecting the "Dashboard" tab and then clicking the box next to "Share Posts I Like." Click "Save" when done.