How to Use Tumblr for Facebook

By Andrea Ruiz

You may be prompted to log in to Facebook to authorize cross-posts from Tumblr.
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If you have both a Tumblr and a Facebook account, you may want to share your blog posts with your Facebook friends by posting links on your Facebook Timeline. While you can cut and paste the URL of each post you make into your Facebook status update, Tumblr's API enables you to automatically share all of your blog posts by connecting your Tumblr account to your Facebook account. You can also toggle the option to cross-post each Tumblr post to your Facebook Timeline right from the Tumblr posting form.

Connecting Tumblr to Facebook

You can authorize your Tumblr account to post your blog content and site activity to your Facebook Timeline. Click the gear icon on your dashboard and then select the blog you want to cross-post to Facebook. You must check the box next to "Share Posts on Your Timeline" in the Facebook section of your settings. To authorize Tumblr to post to your Facebook account, click the "Sign In With Facebook" button and follow the onscreen instructions in the pop-up window that launches. After authorizing your Tumblr, you can instead select a Facebook Page from a drop-down menu to post to a Page instead of a personal profile. Click "Save" to make your changes permanent.

Finding Facebook Friends on Tumblr

If your Facebook friends have Tumblr accounts, you may be able to find and follow them on Tumblr by using the site's Lookup tool (link in Resources). While logged in, click the Facebook icon and follow the onscreen steps to authorize your Tumblr account to analyze your Facebook friends list and search its database for blogs associated with your friends' Facebook accounts. Click the "Follow" button next to the blogs that display in the search results if they belong to your Facebook friends.

Types of Content

When you authorize a Tumblr blog to share content on Facebook, you can specify the type of content it shares. By default, Tumblr cross-posts your blog posts to Facebooks automatically. However, if you'd like to share only some posts on Facebook, uncheck the sharing option and click the Facebook logo next to the "Post" button in the posting form of the blog posts you'd like to share.

You can also share your likes and post replies to your Facebook Timeline from your primary blog by checking the boxes next to the options that enable you to share that content in your primary blog's settings page.

Limitations and Considerations

As of January 2014, Tumblr does not allow you to share your content automatically to a Facebook Group. Additionally, you can only share content to your own Timeline or to Pages for which you're listed as an administrator. Tumblr enables you to share your blog posts from both primary and secondary blogs, but shares only your likes and replies from your primary blog.