Is There a Limit on How Many People You Can Follow on Instagram?

by C. Taylor

Instagram offers the vague error that "you can't follow anymore people" when you reach the maximum number of people you can follow. Once maxed out, you have to unfollow a user before you can begin following a new one. So before you indulge in Instagram's friend-finding utility or decide to follow all suggested users, keep in mind you can't follow everyone.

The Limit

You can follow up to 7,500 users before receiving the aforementioned error. Instagram invoked this limit to reduce spam in their system and keep users in compliance of their Community Guidelines. However, some users can follow more than 7,500 users if they did so before Instagram imposed the limit. Some Instagram users also claim there's an hourly or daily limit to the number of new followers you can acquire, but Instagram has not confirmed such restrictions.

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