How to Do a "Read More" Link on Tumblr

By Alan Sembera

i James Woodson/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Use "Read More" breaks to shorten long posts and make your blog more visually appealing. Readers will still be able to see the first part of your post on your blog page, and can click the "Read More" link at the end to view the post in its entirety. By taking advantage of this feature, you can fit more of your posts on a single screen, and your followers don't have to contend with one post filling up their entire dashboard.

Click the "Text" posting option on your Tumblr dashboard to create a new post. To add the "Read More" link to a text post you already published, open the post in edit mode.

Compose your post as you would normally. If you plan to add images to your text post, you can insert them now.

Position your cursor at the point where you want to insert the link break, and then click the Insert Read More Break button in the posting window. The icon looks like a dotted line between two solid lines.

Click "Post" or "Save Post" when done. The "Read More" link appears in the post on your main blog page and on your followers' dashboards. Clicking the link opens the full post on a separate page.


The above steps work only when you use Tumblr's default rich-text editor to compose your posts. If you changed your Tumblr settings to use the plain text editor instead, you can insert a "Read More" link by typing "<!-- more -->" (without quotes) into your post at the point where you want to insert the link.