How to Create a Contact Form for Your Tumblr Theme

By Randall Blackburn

Create a Contact Us or Ask page so your Tumblr followers can interact with you.
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Though the default Tumblr theme does not offer the option of a Contact page template, per se, you can build a simple page to display your contact information on any of your Tumblr blogs, generating a link to the Contact page on your blog by enabling the setting when you create the page. Or, if you want followers to be able to comment and interact with you without providing your contact information, enable the Ask page feature for your blog. Your followers can message you anonymously or using their Tumblr usernames, depending on how you configure the feature.

Contact Page

Open Tumblr and log in to your dashboard.

Click the down arrow next to your primary blog, then click the name of the blog to edit.

Click the “Customize” tab to open the blog in Customize mode. The blog theme opens for editing with the Customize panel visible in the left sidebar of the page.

Click the “Add a Page” tab to open the New Page form.

Slide the “Show Link To This Page” option to enable the link for the Contact page on your blog.

Type a URL for the page. For example, type “Contact” in the URL field.

Type “Contact” or “Contact Us” as the Page Title.

Type your contact information in the page body.

Click “Update Preview” to preview the page, then click “Save” to save and publish the page.

Click “Exit” to close the Customize panel and return to the dashboard.

Ask Page

Open Tumblr and log in to your dashboard.

Click the gear icon in the top toolbar to open the Settings menu.

Click the name of the blog to edit in the left sidebar menu. The blog’s Settings page opens.

Click the check box in front of the “Let People Ask Questions” option, then type a title for the page. Many users title their Ask page “Ask Me Anything.”

Click the “Allow Anonymous Questions” to enable this feature, if desired.

Click “Save” to save the settings. A page named “Ask” is added to your blog. Add “/ask” to the base URL of your Tumblr blog, such as “,” or open your blog and click the “Ask” link to view your Ask page.


To check messages from your Ask page, click the envelope icon in the top toolbar to open your Tumblr inbox. All of your messages, including your Ask messages, are displayed.


Note that when you enable anonymous messaging through your Ask page, you may receive offensive messages. Additionally, you cannot block an abusive user if he is anonymous. Use this feature with care.