How to Switch Blogs on Tumblr

By Danielle Fernandez

You can create a Tumblr blog for each of your interests.
i Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

Once you've registered an account at Tumblr, you can then create as many blogs as you'd like on the blogging platform. The first one you create -- your primary blog -- acts as your main account and will be the user name that displays any time you use one of Tumblr's social features. You can create up to 10 additional secondary blogs per day -- each with additional benefits like password protection and multiple users, which are not available for the primary blog. Switching between your blogs can then be done using the gear icon at the top of any Tumblr page.

Switching Between Blogs

A Dashboard shortcut will allow you to alternate between your primary and secondary blogs on Tumblr. To begin, find the name of the blog you're currently viewing at the top right of your Dashboard and click the downward-facing arrow next to it. Select the name of another blog and Tumblr will automatically redirect your browser to it.

Switching the Primary's Blog Name

Though you are restricted to the primary account for the Tumblr social features -- for example, following, liking and replying -- you can change its name if you prefer to use another identity. This also means you don't run the risk of losing followers by opening a new blog altogether. Select the gear icon at the top of your Tumblr Dashboard or blog and click on the primary blog's name at the right. Enter your desired name in the "URL" box and click "Save" when you're finished.