How to Make Tumblr Pictures on an iPhone

By David Weedmark

Tumblr has apps for Apple, Windows and Android phones and tablets.
i Wavebreakmedia Ltd/Wavebreak Media/Getty Images

Tumblr's free app for the Apple iPhone includes a photo feature that enables you to take pictures directly from the app and post them on your Tumblr blog. The same app also gives you options for recording video and writing text posts. You can choose to post the pictures immediately, save them as drafts or put them in your queue to post them later. You can also add pictures already in your camera roll.

Install Tumblr's free app from the App Store on your iPhone. Sign in to your Tumblr account when prompted to link the app to your blog.

Tap the "Compose" button resembling a pencil and paper. Tap the "Photo" button. Tumblr prompts you for access to your iPhone's Photos app. Tap "OK." In the bottom right corner is a thumbnail of the last photo in your camera roll. Tapping this thumbnail opens your thumbnail gallery where you can select any existing photos to post to Tumblr.

Center the camera's screen on the image you want to capture. To use the iPhone's LED flash, tap the lightbulb button. Tapping this button once activates the flash, tapping twice makes the flash automatic depending on the lighting conditions. Tapping it a third time turns the flash off again.

Tap the camera button at the top of the screen to change from the forward-facing camera to the camera above the screen. This has lower resolution than the forward-facing camera and does not have a flash, but it does make it easier to take pictures of yourself.

Tap the "Caption" option beneath the photo to add a caption. Tap the "Tag" button to tag your photo with your location or any other tags you use on your Tumblr posts. Tapping the camera icon on this screen opens your iPhone's camera roll so you can select additional photos to add to this photo's blog post. Tapping the gear button gives you options like posting the photo to Twitter or Facebook, publishing it to Tumblr now, adding it to your queue or saving it as a draft.

Tap the "Post" button. The photo is automatically posted to your Tumblr blog. Tapping "Cancel" gives you the option to save the photo as a draft or discard it without posting it.