How to Make Timed Subtitles in Movie Maker

By Tammy Columbo

Add subtitles to your Movie Maker videos with the Titles and Credits tool.
i Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty Images

Timed subtitles make your video accessible to a wider audience of viewers and can be applied to your clips using the free Windows Movie Maker application. Windows Movie Maker does not support standard SRT timed subtitles; however, you can implement a work-around to subtitle your video clip. You must specify the frames over which the subtitles appear when you create each subtitle so that the subtitles can be timed according to the action in the video.

Open the video to edit in Windows Movie Maker. You can open the application, then drag and drop video files into the WMM screen to open them in the tool.

Drag the cursor to select the frames in the video timeline where you want the first subtitle to appear.

Click the “Tools” option in the top navigation menu, then click the “Titles and Credits” option. The Titles and Credits dialog box opens.

Click the “Add Title On the Selected Clip in the Timeline” link. The editing box opens.

Type the subtitle in the editing box, then click the “Done, Add Title to Movie” link.

Repeat dragging to select frames, then opening the Titles and Credits dialog box to insert subtitles throughout the video.


You can apply text formatting and styling to your subtitles using the editor. Once the title overlay is created, drag the title to the position in the frame where the text should appear.


Information in these steps applies to Microsoft Windows Movie Maker 2012. Instructions may vary slightly or significantly for other versions of the software.