How to Link Tumblr Secondary Blogs

By Naomi Bolton

The Tumblr microblogging platform allows you to create up to ten blogs a day but only the first blog for your account can be designated as the primary blog. Additional blogs are designated as secondary blogs and have limitations such as being unable to initiate social features. If you already have a well established primary blog, you can link your secondary blog to increase visitor flow. The increased exposure can make a big difference, especially if your secondary blogs are relevant to the interests of visitors to your primary blog. You can link your secondary blogs without the need to edit your Tumblr theme code.

Sign in to your Tumblr account and click the down arrow button next to the name of your primary blog to display a list of secondary blogs.

Right-click each of the secondary blogs that you want to link to your primary blog, and select "Open link in new tab" from the context menu.

Click the "Customize" link to the right of your Tumblr dashboard.

Open the new tab with the dashboard for the secondary blog that you want to link. Right-click the URL below the name of the secondary blog and select "Copy Link Address" from the context menu.

Return to the tab with the customization page for your primary blog and click inside the Description box where you want to create the link.

Type "<a href="URL/">Link Text</a>" (without the quotation marks) to define a hyperlink. Replace "URL" with the actual URL of your secondary Tumblr blog which you copied and pasted earlier and "Link Text" with the text you want visitors to click. For example, if your secondary blog is "" and you want the link text to display "Click here to visit my secondary Tumblr blog" the code would be as follows:

<a href="http:/">Click here to visit my secondary Tumblr blog</a>

Type " " (without the quotation marks) to create a line break below your hyperlink and then type a short description of the secondary blog so that visitors can decide whether it is something that would interest them.

Repeat the process to add links to your other secondary blogs if applicable. Observe the Tumblr preview pane on the right of the customization screen to check that the links and text display correctly.

Click "Save" to commit to the changes and link your secondary blogs to your primary blog.


Add the line "target="_blank"" (without the quotation marks) after the URL in the hyperlink to open the secondary Tumblr blog in a new tab.