How to Copy a Tweet & Post It on Tumblr

By Randall Blackburn

Cross-post your tweets from Twitter to Tumblr.
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You can copy the embedded code for a tweet from your Twitter timeline, then paste the code in a post to publish on your Tumblr blog. However, you can also publish a tweet on Tumblr without even logging in to the platform. Post the tweet directly to your Tumblr timeline by emailing the tweet to your Tumblr Post by Email address using Twitter’s Share via Email feature. You can find your blog's Tumblr Post by Email address in the blog's Settings page.

Embed Tweet

Click the “More” option at the bottom of the tweet you want to repost, then click “Embed Tweet” to display a pop-up with the embedded code already highlighted.

Click the “Include Parent Tweet” if the tweet is a response to another tweet. You can also click “Include Media” to include the original photo or video in the tweet.

Right-click on the highlighted code, then click “Copy” to copy the code to your clipboard.

Open Tumblr, then click the “Aa” icon to open a New Text Post form.

Type an optional title for the post, then right-click inside the post text box.

Click the “<html>” icon in the post text box toolbar to switch to HTML view.

Right-click in the text box, then click “Paste” to paste the embedded tweet code.

Click the “<html>” icon in the post text box toolbar to switch back to Rich Text view to preview the tweet.

Click the “Post” button to publish the tweet on your Tumblr timeline.

Post by Email

Click the “More” option under the tweet you want to send to Tumblr, then click “Share via Email” to open the Email form.

Type your Tumblr Post by Email address in the Email field.

Click the “Send Email” button to post the tweet to Tumblr.

Open your Tumblr dashboard, then view your post in your timeline. You can also click the “Posts” tab to view your post on the Posts page. The post is prefaced with the title “<Twitter User> Shared a Conversation With You” where <Twitter User> is your Twitter handle.


To find your Tumblr Post by Email address, click the “Settings” icon in the Tumblr dashboard, then click the name of the desired blog in the left navigation menu. Scroll to the bottom of the page to view the Post by Email section. The email address listed is the email address to auto-post to your Tumblr blog.

To automatically publish your posts to Twitter, sign in to Twitter from the Twitter section in your Tumblr blog’s Settings page. You can toggle the Twitter feature off or on for each post.