How to Customize the Contact Page for a Tumblr Theme

By Tammy Columbo

Enable your Tumblr Ask page so your readers can contact you.
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The Tumblr equivalent to a Contact page is the “Ask” page, which provides your followers and readers a way to contact you through the platform. You can enable the Ask feature on one or more of your Tumblr blogs and it will be automatically generated based on the theme assigned to the blog when you enable the feature. You can customize the Ask page by changing or modifying your blog’s theme. However, note that when you change the theme for the Ask page, the same changes are applied to all other pages. You can enable, disable and customize the Ask page configuration in the Settings menu.

Ask Explained

When you enable the Ask feature in the blog’s settings menu, the Ask page is automatically generated with your blog’s URL plus “/ask” appended to the end. The Ask page simply displays a text box with the default title of “Ask Me Anything.” The visitor’s username displays at the bottom of the box. The user can click “Log Out,” then click “Ask Anonymously” to send the blog owner correspondence as an anonymous visitor. If the message sender remains logged in, her username is attached to her message. Ask messages are received in the blog owner’s Inbox for the specific blog. She can answer Ask messages privately or publicly.

Customize Ask Settings

To create or customize the settings for your Ask page, click the gear icon in your blog’s dashboard to open the Settings menu. Click the name of the blog to edit in the left sidebar, then scroll to the Ask section. Click the “Let People Ask Questions” check box to enable the feature. When you enable the feature, then save the page, the Ask page is automatically generated at your, where “YourBlog” is your Tumblr blog name. Type a title for the Ask page in the Ask Page Title field. Click the “Allow Anonymous Questions” check box to allow users to hide their identity when asking you questions through the feature. Click the “Save” button to save the settings. Your Ask page is deployed and ready to use.

Modify Theme With the Customize Tool

The Customize tool is a menu-driven tool that enables you to quickly edit certain theme elements. The elements you can edit with the Customize tool depends on the theme applied to the blog. However, for most themes you can edit the title, description, header image, background color and font colors from the Customize menu without editing HTML or CSS code. Use the available options in the Customize tool to change the look and feel of the blog’s theme. To access the Customize tool, click the name of the blog to customize in the right sidebar of the dashboard, then click the “Customize” link to open the theme for editing with the tool.


Experienced coders can directly edit the HTML and CSS theme code for all Tumblr themes. Open the Customize tool, then click the “Edit HTML” link to open the theme code in an HTML editor. Modify the theme code as desired, then click the “Preview” button to view the changes in the Preview pane. When you are happy with the changes, click the “Save” button, then click “Exit” to return to your dashboard.