Does DailyMotion Have Video Tracking?

By John Lister

DailyMotion stats let you find out exactly when your amusing pets went viral.
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Most of the statistics for the number of views for a specific video or account are publicly available to all DailyMotion site visitors, regardless of whether they uploaded a video or are logged in. If you click on the username at the bottom of a video, you can access the channel page for the uploader and see the total number of views for all of his videos. If you open any video you will see the total number of views for that video listed on the right immediately below the video. Click on this number to see more detailed statistics.

Available Statistics

The more detailed statistics include the total number of comments on the video and the total number of people who have added the video to their favorites. You'll also see a graph showing the number of views over time. Using the "Time Interval" drop-down menu, you can change this to show the views over the past year, month, week, day or hour. In each case, the graph is redrawn to show individual figures for the next unit down. For example, if you choose to show a graph for the past month, the individual points on the graph show the number of views on each day during that month.

Internal vs External Views

By default the graph shows the total number of views in your chosen timescale. You can use the "Filter" drop-down menu to change this to "External Views" or "Internal Views." DailyMotion has not publicly clarified what this distinction means. It appears most likely internal views are those on the DailyMotion site itself while external views are those where the video is embedded on another website.

Advanced Statistics

DailyMotion has two special programs for video uploaders. The Motionmaker program is for people who upload videos they have created themselves; Motionmaker videos must not infringe copyright in any way. The Official program is for representatives of organizations, businesses or brands who upload promotional and other official material. With both programs you get access to advanced statistics, such as the ability to track a video's performance over a specific time period. This allows you to check the effects of a promotional campaign for the video or getting linked by a high-profile website.

Revenue Statistics

DailyMotion places advertisements before some videos. You can earn a share of this revenue in three ways: from ads shown before your video on DailyMotion (having become an Official User), from your video being shared on third-party sites, and from you sharing videos (both your own and those of other people) on your own website. If you are eligible to earn revenue, you can log into your account to see statistics on your earnings over time. These can be particularly useful as revenue depends not just on how many views a clip gets, but how appealing its subject matter is to advertisers.