Getting Animations to Display on Tumblr

by Melly Parker
Ciaran Griffin/Photodisc/Getty Images

Tumblr supports two types of animations: GIFs and videos. Videos can be effective for sharing your interests or work, and GIFs can be used either as standalone posts or reactions to posts. When adding an animation to Tumblr, decide whether you want to add it directly to Tumblr or link to it from an external host.

External GIF

If you want to share a GIF you've seen on another site, you can link the GIF to Tumblr. One benefit of external hosting is that you can display larger GIFs unlimited by Tumblr's maximum GIF size of 1MB. To post a GIF to Tumblr from another site, click "Photo" on your dash and then click "URL." Paste in the direct link to your GIF and then click outside the URL box. Add comments, tags and any other edits before posting, as desired.

Tumblr GIF

If your GIF is less than 1MB in size and stored on your computer, upload it directly to Tumblr. Click "Photo" on your dash and then click the camera icon. Select the GIF file from your computer and click "Open" to load it into the post. Keep in mind is that the GIF should be 500 pixels wide or less, or else it may appear as a static image instead of an animated GIF.

External Video

Animated videos of any length and size can be posted to your Tumblr blog as long as they're posted externally. Sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion host videos that are uploaded from users -- you can upload your own videos there and then share them on sites like Tumblr. Your blog visitors have the option to watch the video directly from your blog or to open it on the hosting site. To add a video to Tumblr, click "Video" and paste in the video URL. You can add tags and a description before completing the post.

Tumblr Video

If you create your own animations or have animation files saved on your computer, upload them directly to Tumblr to share them. Tumblr will host up to five minutes of video every day, which can be posted as a single video or as multiple files, as long as the size of each video is less than 100MB. Tumblr recommends using an MP4 file with AAC audio that is less than 500 pixels by 700 pixels. Click "Video" and then click the video camera icon to choose the file to upload.

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