How to Manage Multiples in Tumblr

By Tammy Columbo

Manage multiple Tumblr blogs from your Tumblr dashboard.
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Create and manage multiple blogs with one user account on the Tumblr platform. The Tumblr dashboard is designed to enable you to manage all of your blogs from one location. The first blog you create on your Tumblr account is your primary blog. Additional blogs are secondary blogs. Each of your blogs can have a different “persona.” Each blog can have its own followers and can follow users independently of your other blogs. Quickly and efficiently manage all of your blogs from the Tumblr dashboard.

Log in to your Tumblr account to view the dashboard of your primary blog. The total number of followers listed on the Followers tab is the total number of followers for your primary blog only.

Click the “Down” arrow next to the name of your primary blog in the right sidebar menu to open a list of all of your blogs.

Click one of your blogs. The dashboard refreshes to show the content of the selected blog. The timeline displays your blog-specific posts, along with posts from users the active blog follows.

Click the “Followers” tab to view the usernames of users who follow the selected blog. Click “Following X Blogs,” where "X" is the number of blogs the active blog follows, to view a list of the followed blogs.

Click the “Customize” tab in the right sidebar menu to open the active blog’s theme in Edit mode. Add pages and customize the active blog's theme using the Customize tool.

Click the “Posts" tab to view your own posts to the active blog.

Click additional tabs, such as Drafts or Queue, to view posts in Draft status or in your Queue.

Click the gear icon, then click the name of the blog in the left menu to change the site settings for the blog.

Click the “Down" arrow next to the name of the active blog in the right sidebar, then click another blog entry to manage another blog. The dashboard refreshes to display the content for the newly selected blog.


Note that your Tumbler Inbox receives and displays messages from all of your blogs. Access the Inbox by clicking the “Envelope” icon in the top navigation menu in the dashboard.