How to View Previous Omegle Conversations

By Ashley Poland

Omegle is a chat service that connects strangers in text-based instant message conversations. You can talk about anything, and either party can disconnect at any time. By default, chat logs on Omegle are not saved. However, either party can opt to save the chat log -- and even share it to Facebook if they choose.

View a Chat Log on Omegle

When a conversation on Omegle is complete, both users have the option to save the log. If you opt to save the log, Omegle gives the chat a log ID number and a URL, such as "". You will need to have this URL to access an old Omegle log. If you remember some description terms but have forgotten the URL, you can use Google to your advantage by searching 'descriptive terms'. The "site:" modifier only searches websites with the URL.

Facebook Integration

If you've connected Facebook to Omegle, when you save a chat log you have the option to publish it to Facebook. While this makes it easy to go back and find your old Omegle chat logs, just remember: all your Facebook friends can see what you and that stranger talked about.