How Do You Make Your Titles on Texts Stand Out on Tumblr?

By Kevin Lee

Impress blog visitors by styling the text on your Tumblr page.
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When you create a new Tumblr blog, the system generates a default template that has settings you can adjust. As Tumblr notes, this flexibility gives you the ability to pick your blog page more appealing and give it a personal touch. Even if you don't understand HTML, you can apply a simple update to the template to make the titles in your text posts stand out.

Web Page Styling 101

Website owners change the way their Web pages look by adding Cascading Style Sheet attributes and values to their code. The color attribute's value, for example, determines an object's color. People use the background-color attribute to color backgrounds. You can also use the font-size attribute to alter a text element's font. By applying one or more CSS attributes to your Tumblr blog's HTML code, you can customize its elements.

Find Your Template Code

If you visit your Tumblr dashboard and click “Customize” you can open the HTML editor by clicking “Edit HTML” in the Customize Theme’s left panel. If you don’t see “Edit HTML,” scroll to the top of the panel to find it. When the page opens, press “Ctrl-F” and type “post .title” in the search box (without quotes). The editor jumps to the line of code that reads "#wrapper #content .post .title {."

Style your HTML

CSS attributes that you add after the line of code you found determine the way your post titles look. Test this by pasting "color: red; background-color: yellow; text-decoration: underline;" after that line. Do not use quotes. Those three attributes change the color, background color and text decoration of your post titles to red, yellow and underline. Click "Update Preview" followed by "Save" and visit your Tumblr dashboard page. Click your profile image and you'll see your blog page the way others do. Posts that have titles will display the new attributes you added.

Keep Your Blog Fresh

Change the values of your CSS attributes whenever you'd like to style your title text differently. For example, if you want green text on a red background one day, change the existing colors to those two colors. You can also replace underline with overline, line-through or none. If you'd like to change your font size as well, paste "font-size: 22px" at the end of the code you added. Do not use quotes. Replace 22 with the pixel size you’d like to use for your text. In this example, the size would be 22 pixels. Larger values create larger text and smaller values create smaller text. Visit a site such as that shows the names of other colors you can use to style your blog (link in Resources).