How to Show Your Followers on Tumblr

By James T Wood

David Karp, left, sold Tumblr to Yahoo run by Marissa Mayer, right.
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Certain themes for Tumblr automatically display the users you follow. If you want to show off the people who follow your blog, you need to install some code and use a third-party application. Both following and followers are tracked when people click the "Follow" button at the top of a Tumblr blog. Followed blogs also show up on your Tumblr dashboard when you first log in to the site.

Go to the installation site for Tumblrtracker (see link in Resources). Click "Connect with Tumblr."

Click "Allow" to allow the script to access your Tumblr blog and log in if you are prompted. A box containing HTML code displays. Select the code and press "Ctrl-C" to copy it.

Browse to and click the gear icon to access your account settings. Click the name of your blog, then click "Customize" in the Theme section.

Click "Edit HTML, " then locate a spot in the HTML where you want your followers counter to be displayed. For example, if you want the counter to show up in the sidebar on your blog, put the code after the "<aside>" opening tag and before the "</aside>" closing tag.


Press "Ctrl-F" when using the HTML editor to find a piece of code.

If you want to show the people you follow, you can install a Tumblr theme with that feature built in. Look for themes that include "Following" as one of the features.