How to Upload Music on Tumblr Without Limits

By David Wayne

Large bandwidth allotments can make Tumblr streaming feel unlimited.
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Tumblr offers limited file hosting for music and other blog assets, such as photos, videos and slideshows. The music limit is one 10MB file per day, but you can avoid this limit by streaming audio from a cloud storage account. While Tumblr doesn't limit the number of audio tracks you can stream on your blog, your cloud storage service may limit your daily bandwidth.

Store Your Music in the Cloud

Open a cloud storage account with a service such as Box, Dropbox or SoundCloud (links in Resources). Uploading music to your account involves the same process for each service. After signing in, click “Upload” and select a track from your computer. In SoundCloud and Dropbox, a public link is displayed on the upload page. In Box, you can display the link by clicking “Share” next to the file. Embedding this link in your Tumblr blog enables you to stream music through Tumblr's built-in audio player. If your blog receives a large amount of traffic and you anticipate more than 20GB of daily streaming, you may need to upgrade your Box or Dropbox account to a paid subscription. SoundCloud does not limit daily bandwidth but does limit free accounts to 120 minutes of audio storage.

Embed Public Audio Links in Tumblr

Sign in to your Tumblr account and select the blog you want to play your song. Click “Audio,” choose the “External URL” tab and paste a song's public link in the address box. Music-streaming options are automatically displayed in the window. Enter a song title in the Title field, and click “Add Album Art” to select an image from your computer if you have accompanying album artwork. Click “Post” to embed the track. Visitors can play the song by clicking “Play” on the embedded audio player. The player displays song title and album artwork. Repeat this process for each track you want to embed.