How to Change the Title of a Post Text in Color on Tumblr

by Ruri Ranbe

Along with Hypertext Markup Language and Cascading Style Sheets, your blog theme includes special variables unique to Tumblr. The "{block:Title}," "{/block:Title}" and "{Title}" variables together render the title of your blog posts; if these tags are missing from your document code, none of the posts in your theme will include a subject line. To further personalize your theme, you can insert additional code into your page layout to modify the "{Title}" tag and change the color of the post title.

Log in to your account and then select the gear icon from the menu in the top right.

Choose your blog title from the list and then click the "Customize" button next to the Theme field.

Click "Edit HTML" in the Customize pane and then press "Ctrl-F" to open Find.

Type "{block:Title}" into the search bar and then press "Enter" until you locate code that resembles the following:


Surround the "{Title}" variable with the "<span>" and "</span>" tags, like so:


Add in-line CSS to the <span> tag to define the color of the post title:

<span style="color:[hex]">{Title}</span>

Replace "[hex]" with the hexadecimal color code for your preferred color, such as "#FFFFFF" for white.

Click "Update Preview" and then click "Save" to view and apply your changes.

Click the back arrow and the "Exit" button to return to the Tumblr Dashboard.

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