How to Put Music on Tumblr

By Melly Parker

Add music to your Tumblr to share it with new listeners.
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You can add audio to your Tumblr page with either posts or a music player. An audio post will appear on your Tumblr dashboard and in search results for the tags you add to the post, while a streaming music player will provide background sound for your Tumblr blog. Tumblr offers three different ways of posting music to your page.

Upload a Clip

Upload an MP3 file to Tumblr to share a song as an audio post; audio posts are one of the default post types available on the Tumblr dashboard. The file size can be up to 10MB. Once you've uploaded the file, choose the album art and then label the track, album and artist fields that appear. You can also write a description below the album area and add tags before posting the song to your Tumblr page.

Link a Song

If you have your own song uploaded to a hosting site or know the URL of a site where a song you like is being hosted, you can link it in the audio upload box. Copy the URL and paste it in to post the song to your page. Find the direct URL of many songs by clicking the "Share" button and then copying the text link. Once the song is loaded into the post box, type in any description you want to add and tag the post before uploading it.

Search by Title

Many songs can be added to your Tumblr by searching for the song name under the "Search" tab on audio posts. Songs from different music streaming services will appear in a drop-down menu below where you type the name of the song. Click the one you want to share and it will appear as a streaming file in the post box. Add a description or tags before posting, if desired.

Music Players

A music player provides your Tumblr page with background tunes for a person to listen to while he browses your page. Choose a music player based on what songs you want to stream while your Tumblr is open -- look for one that either already has the type of music you want or one that you can add your personal tracks to. To add a player to your Tumblr page, copy the code for the completed player with all the tracks loaded and then put it into the right spot in your Tumblr's code, which varies depending on which player you choose. SCM Music Player, Streampad and Hypster are all streaming players which have code that can be embedded on a Tumblr page.