How to Find the Birth Date You Put on Your Gmail

By Andrea Ruiz

The birth date you enter in Gmail is the birth date on your Google account.
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When you initially register for a Gmail account, the registration form prompts you to enter your name, birth date and other identifying information to ensure that you meet the age requirement for having a Google account. You can use the same Google account across all Google services such as YouTube, Google Plus and Google Calendar, some of which may rely on your personal information to tailor their services for you. If you'd like to ensure that you entered your birth date accurately in your Google account, you can quickly check the date you entered in your account's basic settings.

Log in to your Gmail account and click your username or profile photo in the main menu of your inbox.

Select the "Account" link in the drop-down menu that appears, and then click "Edit Your Profile" in the main panel.

Click the "Edit" link in the Basic Information section.

Locate the Birthday section in your Google account's basic information. This is the birth date that you entered when you first registered for a Gmail account, and the date that displays on your Google profile.


You can change the birth date by selecting a different month, day and year from the drop-down menu and then clicking the "Save" button.


Your Google account's birth date must reflect the fact that you meet the age requirements in your country for having a Google account. In Spain and South Korea, you must be 14 years of age or older; in the Netherlands, you must be 16 or older; in all other countries, you must be 13 or older (all as of December 2013).