Why Does Facebook Automatically Switch Between Most Recent & Top Stories?

By Irene A. Blake

Organize stories in the Facebook News Feed the way you want to view them.
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Facebook allows you to sort posts from friends and pages on your News Feed by top popular or most recent stories. Although the Sort tool provides an efficient way to organize the News Feed, many users who prefer to view posts in chronological order experience frustration because Facebook periodically switches automatically to the Top Stories view. It also doesn't allow you to reset the default view to Most Recent.

Facebook's Reasons for the Switch

Based on user data, Facebook estimates that a News Feed can have as many as 1500 stories waiting for review at any given time. Tests by Facebook revealed that most users don't have the time to waste searching for posts most relevant to their interests. Additionally, tests revealed that average users are less likely to read, like or comment about stories when viewing them in chronological order.

Solutions to This Problem

Facebook's solution is to make users who prefer the chronological order manually select "Most Recent" after every switch. This is not the only solution. When you select “Most Recent,” the URL changes from “https://www.facebook.com/?sk=h_nor” to “http://www.facebook.com/?sk=h_chr" when the screen refreshes. To see the Most Recent view every time you visit your News Feed, save the URL as a bookmark and then use it to visit Facebook.